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V. Rose – Young Dangerous Heart

V. Rose – Young Dangerous Heart

Label: Inpop Records

Release date: April 22, 2016

Catalog number: B01ARY04RM

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Young Dangerous Heart
Young Dangerous Heart
V. Rose

What happens when you bring together pop, electric, hip hop and rock? You get V. Rose with her new Young Dangerous Heart album. V. Rose is a very well known artist in the CHH community, sharing the stage and tracks with artist like Flame, Trip Lee, Swoope, Lecrae, Jai and many more. Young Dangerous Heart is the debut LP from V. Rose since signing to Inpop Records, after leaving Flame’s Clear Sight Records. This is her 3rd solo project released, and after many years of singing and performing, we are starting to hear a new side of V. Rose.

Starting off, let’s just mention the vocal maturity V. Rose has shown us. She has always been a phenomenal singer but she brought something different to this album, something more womanly. You can really hear the confidence in her voice as she sings and on some of the songs, she even tones down the instrumentation a bit to really stretch out those vocal cords. Just from a singer’s standpoint, this is her most passionate work to date.

Getting into the songs, we have all of the songs from 2015’s Hearts Up EP, plus 9 new tracks that all intertwine with the over arcing theme V. Rose is declaring on this new LP, which is the theme of being happy with who you are in God’s eyes. Along with the uplifting songs like “Take A Broken Heart,” “We’re Girls,” and “Bottom To The Top,” we get some powerful praise and worship songs by the end of the album with songs like, “Storms” and “Sinking Deep”. Along with 3 guest appearances by Derek Minor, Trip Lee and Flame, we get the most crafted form of V. Rose to date. Overall this is a great encouraging album for many young women with good sprinkles of enthusiastic worship music by the Pop Singer. It is sure to bring joy and peace to your heart whenever you listen to it.

-Mitchell Weiss, trackstarz.com