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Ruslan – Americana

Ruslan – Americana

Label: Kings Dream ENT

Release date: September 30, 2016

Catalog number: B01LXSBYXF

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The thought-provoking LP from Kings Dream Entertainment is made up of 15 tracks with guest appearances from fellow Dream Junkies rappers John Givez and Beleaf.

Curtiss King produces the title track. Frequent Dream Junkies collaborators DJ Rek, Anthony Cruz and Erik Kingsley offer production to the project as well.

Ruslan, who shares his journey as an immigrant to America, has already released “Raw Sugar” with Joey Jewish and “Petty.”

On the project, Ruslan says he seeks to bring people together. The North San Diego County rapper moved to the United States from Azerbaijan when he was six years old and wants to encourage listeners to see the good in America. He says that he seeks to lead through listening and creating dialogue.

“I’m Pro America, I’ve lived under a different system, trust me we have it good here,” he says to HipHopDX. “My heart with Americana is we’d have unity and truth.”

In the Americana album trailer, Ruslan utilizes speeches from Franklin D. Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy and Robert F. Kennedy as the backdrop for a scene where he walks through a deserted town.

The follow-up to Ruslan’s Do For One album, which he released last year. The other Dream Junkies members also release projects in 2015. Beleaf dropped Red Pills + Black Sugar and John Gives released Soul Rebel.

-Victoria Hernandez, hiphopdx.com