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HeeSun Lee – Beauty for Ashes

HeeSun Lee – Beauty for Ashes

Label: HeeSun Lee

Release date: October 14, 2016

Catalog number: B01LX2D263

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HeeSun Lee dropped Beauty For Ashes on October 14, her first release since 2014.

This time around was personal for HeeSun Lee, with the meaning behind the tracks reopening the doors to females to stand strong within the hiphop genre. She stated, “Everyone has changes that they go through in life that can either make them or break them. I’m showing the world, through my lyrics, that the changes that went on in my life have made me into a stronger, more independent woman and a more dependent Christian.” Fourteen tracks strong, the content represents some of the best of what HeeSun Lee has to offer.

Mainstream hip-hop is notoriously known for downplaying the worth of a woman. The likes of Butta P, Hillary Jane, Jackie Hill-Perry, Erica Cumbo and an elite list of others are motivated to portray strong female role models with hip-hop at the foundation. Beauty For Ashes exemplifies such a mindset. What some may see as worthless, useless, or exempt, God sees as opportunity and beauty. HeeSun Lee taps into the powerful reality of God and lyrically displays possibilities through faith in what formerly was seen as the impossible. HeeSun was featured alongside some of her fellow female hip-hop artists in DJ I Rock Jesus’s The Women of Gospel Hip-hop compilation (download it here) and the Gurl Code compilation from Full Ride Music Group (download it here).