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Canon – Loose Canon Vol. 3

Canon – Loose Canon Vol. 3

Label: Reflection Music Group

Release date: November 4, 2016

Catalog number: B01M1A89SA

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Loose Canon Volume 3 is Canon’s third EP in the Loose Canon series. This is his first EP since his life-threatening injury in 2014. In an interview with HipHipDX Canon described this album and if there is more coming in the Loose Canon Series:

With this being the third project, we started the brand for Loose Canon and the message behind Loose Canon is just we want people to have confidence in their God-given identity. We want them to conquer to live free, to conquer that fear to live free. I want them to be bold enough to be themselves kinda thing and not just who you were taught to be, but who you felt God has called you to be. That can play out and look so many different ways in everyone’s life. So I would say as long as I’m giving that message, I’ll always have a Loose Canon. There might be a fourth next year. Who knows? But that’s kind of the brand that I’ve created for myself, for my message. So right now, we’ve just got the wheels spinning, but there might be more in the future.