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Alex Faith & Dre Murray – Southern Lights: Overexposed

Alex Faith & Dre Murray – Southern Lights: Overexposed

Label: Collision Records

Release date: April 28, 2015

Catalog number: B00UI6N5H6

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Anybody familiar with Alex Faith or Dre Murray knows that they are from the South, and they are very proud of that. So if the title didn’t give it away, that should have. This is a very southern record. The “Dirty South” influence is very heavy throughout it, but it is done in the Collision way.

Dre Murray is a pretty honest rapper and Alex Faith has essentially built his career on his transparency. So it’s no surprise that both artists poured their hearts out all over this record.

From the very opening of the record you get gut wrenching and straightforward honesty. They continued to keep a high level of candor throughout its entirety. They opened up about their desires, past struggles, and current fears. But they were most candid on the Swoope assisted “Wake Up Music.” All three artists shine a light on race relations in America and respond to the recent deaths of African Americans. Because of the dynamics of the trio, a wonderful perspective is brought to the discussion. Neither of the artists backed down and addressed the topic head on. This song sums up the album well. It’s uncomfortable at times, but it’s always genuine, relevant, and beautifully delivered.

Southern Lights: Overexposed provides amazing music. It is an uplifting, inspiring and motivating album for the soul, spirit, and mind. It gives the listeners all they could ask for. There are also great features with Corey Paul and Young Noah. There are memorable tracks with plenty of playback value (“Wake Up Music”, “All Around The World” and “Takin’ Time”). Southern Lights is high quality music and overall as a whole record, it is great.


-Aubrey McKay, Wadeoradio.com